Ensure Your Baby Is Safe

Bean bags are an asset to the parents. They have medicinal qualities and provide unlimited comfort to the infant. Yet, it is highly essential for the parents to know the safe methods of using a baby bean bag. This article will guide you into perfect ways of avoiding any mishap with your precious little baby.

All you need to know

1. Right surface- Never just place the bean bag on an uneven surface. This can cause the baby discomfort and in worse conditions can cause misbalance of neck and head.

2. Avoid soft pillows- Always avoid plush pillows and soft toys near the head of the baby. If the baby tilts his/her head, the pillow can cause suffocation, thus stopping the breath eventually. Babies are helpless creatures, who can’t control what’s happening to them.

3. Always secure the belt- bean bags are provided with a safety belt, yet parents tend to get careless and neglect strapping their infants. This often leads to a bad fall, injuring the child. Strapping the baby will keep him positioned carefully on the bag.

4. unattended- in spite of all the precautions used by the manufacturers, it is always best to keep an eye on your infant, even when he is asleep. Majority of incidents happen when the child is reposing and the parent leaves them solitary.

5. quality- you should be fully aware, while buying a bean bag. It should have a security strap and should be adequately filled. It is important to buy a good quality bean bag which fulfills all the set mandatory standards.

6. Refilling- always get the bean bag replenished, after due amount of time. Any tear can give the baby access to the balls underlying the bag. These balls if chocked by the infants can lead to immediate death.


Baby bean bags today are completely safe and risk free, provided the parents follow the instructions carefully.